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More Mucking About

Me and Kostas up a tree!! Posted by Picasa


This little girl was the feature of many stories from the trip last year and this year she was super excited to see us again. I made sure to get a photo with her and then while we were hanging out in town I felt a tap on my back, turned around and there's Euana with her arms open. I picked her up and gave her a hug for about 5 mins and she did not want to let go even though her mum had to leave. Posted by Picasa

Mucking About

The photo is not quite the effect I was going for but it's good anyway, the guy in the top is Jeremias from Thessaloniki, he was on team for the whole trip and we had some great times hanging out. Very funny, he spends a lot of time with Americans so when he speaks English he has the accent which was confusing at first as you tried to work out exactly where he was from. Posted by Picasa

The Gang

The guys are Kostas and Nickos (told you) and I can't remember the girls names but the whole gang wanted me to come out for coffee with them after every festival but we never managed it so one day I skipped lunch and they came to the hotel for a swim and to hang out. It was wikid fun, after the last festival we hung out for ages in the park and then went for a wander through town just mucking around. One really cool thing about Greece is everything is open till 2 or 3am everyday. Posted by Picasa

The Dude!!

This guy was awesome!! He was from Russia and spoke 5 languages but not English, he could juggle, I'm pretty sure he was drunk and he was funny as!! I had this really funny chat to him with what ended up as about 5 girls translating for me, absolute legend, he asked me if I had a girlfriend and then started teasing me when I said no =D Not bad work for an old boy, I really loved this guy. Posted by Picasa

The Lads!!

These fella's came on the first nite to show off their circus skills and ended up hanging around to help out for the week. The one on the right is Kostas (in Greece Kostas, Nickos are ridiculously popular boys names, for girls it's Ileni and Maria, if you couldn't remember someone's name you went with Kostas and you had a 45% chance of being right). The lads gave a whole bunch of us wrist bands on the last nite to say thank you, mine glows bright under black light =] Posted by Picasa

Some of the Crew

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On the last nite of festivals in Ptolemaida I took my camera in with me and got some pics of the kids who had been coming all week. This was an awesome shot that happenned by accident, the kid in front leaned into the shot at the last second but it worked out well. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006

Soul Survivor

This storm hit on the third day of Soul Survivor, there was some fun pulling the camp site back together and part way through the rain storm several enterprising boys let down the tent in the bottom right corner which had 5 squealing girls hiding in it... beautiful moment!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Pics

If I know one thing about 4 Wheel Driving, its this: Never take a Rav4 up a mountain with no fone reception and then go do Dowies in a mud pit next to the great lake... true story

I love this photo!! Will have to get my own next time I'm on a train.

It's not as dodgy as it looks... I swear!!

I was sitting in this pile of luggage (by myself) when grampa rocked up to the airport to pick me up. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. It got even better when Dad and Uncle Alan (who he wasnt expecting) both snuck up on him.